I feel reborn

“Come and sit here on your knees”, Mistress Nicole told me. I was looking at her doubtfully because I had said I wasn’t into toilet-play.
Yet here she was, standing in the toilet in the hallway opposite the red room.
But, up to that moment she had been very good to me, so I thought, “Okay, let’s try it”. She made me sit right in front of the toilet: “closer , she said, “closer”. I crept real close. My belly was touching the toilet.

“Now put your balls on the toiletseat”. Now I understood what she wanted to do: She was going to crush my balls!
Hesitatingly I placed my balls on the seat. Then she closed the lid. First softly, but then she put the pressure on. “Stop, stop”, I screamed.

“You said you wanted pain” Nicole said. She was right, I did. So I sighed and “relaxed”, as far as that was possible. “Try it again, please,” I said
She reapplied the pressure, harder and harder. I discovered that when she slowly increased the pressure, it was more like pleasure (and pain of course). After ten minutes she stopped and took me to the blue room. But that was only after she put the humbler on my balls and made me crawl up the steps with my balls stretched to the limit.

Oh, and when I said she was good to me before giving me “toilet-training” (training in pain with a toiletseat I mean), good meant: bending me over de stool in the red room, making me spread my legs, and then hitting my balls with a bullwhip, not once, but so often it made my balls burn.

I know, some people would think I’m crazy, but I just love pain, and the treatment Mistress Nicole gave made me feel reborn!
Besides being a good professional Mistress, Nicole is also a very nice person to be with, funny, creative and of course an beautiful English Rose.
Thank you for a wonderful session, Mistress Nicole