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Comic wrestling

Deel 3 van de worstel comic van Meesteres Nicole

Part 6.
After a very long and drawn out battle Mistress Nicole finally beats the sexy Brazilian Maria!!

This is the last wrestling comic for a while as I am currently very busy, but don’t worry I will be back.
Kisses, Mistress Nicole x

Part 5.
Unfortunately when the redheaded fury is pissed there’s no going back….



Part 4.


Part 3.
The fight between the redheaded fury and the Brazilian beauty continues….


Part 2.
Unfortunately Mistress Nicole let her over confidence get the better of her….

Part 1.

This is going to be Mistress Nicole’s hardest and most sexually charged wrestling matches yet.
She is up against Brazilian fighter Maria, a wrestling goddess in her native Brazil.
She is fierce, strong, sexy and has a fondness for redheads (don’t we all!!).
Will Mistress Nicole succumb to Maria’s sexual charm or can she defeat this tough and highly skilled wrestling opponent….




Deel 2 van de worstel comic van Meesteres Nicole.

Part 5.

This is the final wrestling comic for a while, I really hoped you all enjoyed it and thank you for all the great comments and feedback…it was fun…I’LL BE BACK
Mistress Nicole aka The Red Queen.

With a slightly crazy glint in her eyes Mistress Nicole decides to put an end to her opponents suffering…pushing him hard into more back breaking, arm crushing moves.
She finally gives him some light relief and pleasure by pushing her beautiful feet hard into his face…Victory is Mistress Nicole’s.


Part 4.
Well it turns out this poor sucker didn’t learn, he continues to be overpowered and dominated by the relentless Mistress Nicole. Find out next week to see if Mistress Nicole really is a cyborg sent from the future…


Part 3.
Having been trapped in Mistress Nicole’s rear choke and foot job combi for a week ;-), the lucky devil finally submits…only to be thrust straight into more painful positions.  Will this poor sucker ever learn…stay tuned to find out


Part 2.

Will this love sick fool overcome Mistress Nicole’s charms and get some pins in himself??…we think not, but find out next week anyway

Part 1.
Back by popular demand is Mistress Nicole’s comic wrestling adventures…this time her unfortunate opponent is a member of the fairer sex   this really should be no problem for her at all.

Tune in next week to see Mistress Nicole put some very painful moves on her opponent, taught to her by another wrestling goddess….Mistress Zascha.




Part 4 
The red queen finally unleashes the ginger fury and puts poor Loes in her place.
Will anyone else be brave enough to take on Mistress Nicole??…..you will have to wait and find out.



I hope you all enjoyed my fun and rather naughty comic.

Mistress Nicole x



Part 3
As the next round gets under way Mistress Nicole is starting to feel the pressure, she really underestimated Loes’ skills.  However being a naughty redhead, Mistress Nicole may still have a few old tricks up her sleeve….

Can Mistress Nicole take it all the way and keep that Red Queen crown, stay tuned for the final part next week….

Part 2

Being the unstoppable wrestling goddess that she is, Mistress Nicole was able to apply a few of her new lightening quick Jiu jitsu moves and pin Loes in the back crushing boston crab…
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Can Mistress Nicole redeem herself against Loes, can she really be beaten by this newbie”….?????….find out next week.

Part 1
Here is a fun weekly comic strip of Mistress Nicole’s wrestling adventures.

Courtesy of Steve and Mistress Nicole. Click to enlarge.


Will Mistress Nicole escape Loes’ crushing headlock? Stay tuned and find out next week……